How Does It Work?

Total Curve™ Daily Supplement Capsules:

Total Curve™ works to help give breast success by stimulating the growth of breast tissue while firming and tightening the breast area. Our formula has thirteen unique herbs which help with breast tissue expansion, growth and development. Our formula contains no synthetic compounds, artificial additives, lubricants or fillersBreast Success making Total Curve™ a safe and effective alternative to expensive and dangerous surgery. During puberty a woman's body naturally produces estrogens which help in the development of new tissue. This hormone produced by the pituitary gland determines the size, shape and fullness of a woman's breasts. Lower levels of these hormones will result in smaller less developed breasts. Total Curve™ contains phytoestrogens which are naturally occurring non-hormonal plant estrogens which stimulate your body to produce new breast tissue growth for breast success. Total Curve™ safely stimulates tissue growth resulting in breast success with bigger, firmer and fuller breasts.

The use of herbal compounds for breast enlargement is not a recent phenomena. Rumors of harem girls being fed fenugreek to increase breast size have been floating around herbal circles for hundreds of years; the buxom nature of the girls of Bavaria have often been attributed to the hops and barley content of the local beers. Traditional use of herbs have been used for centuries in Asia and South America to promote breast growth through the regulation of hormonal balance. Total Curve™ Capsules have combined traditional folk lore and modern scientific research resulting in breast success with the most effective formula available for breast enlargement and firmness. Total Curve™ helps women gain breast size without resorting to synthetic hormones and surgery. Within a few days women can feel success and see the difference and then when you achieve the desired results you can switch over to maintenance levels.

With a Series of Natural, SAFE Phytoestrogens That Naturally Increase Overall Breast Volume!

The overall size and fullness of your breasts is impacted by the presence and ongoing shift of hormones like estrogen.

So the foundation of the Total Curve™ System is a Daily Supplement for breast success that contains a series of natural, safe phytoestrogens which naturally mimic the action of estrogen to further firm and lift your breast tissues.

It has also been formulated to contain a variety of herbals, nutrients, antioxidants and hormone balancers that promote overall breast health while reducing symptoms of PMS, menopause, diminished sex drive, vaginal dryness, and more.

Total Curve™ Benefits Include:

  • Enlarge your breasts up to 8.4% in just 56 days! Longer usage has shown even greater results.
  • Noticeable results in just weeks! Maximum gains in 3 to 4 months
  • All-natural product means breasts will look & feel natural.
  • No adverse side-effects.
  • Works for all ethinic groups
  • Works for male adults too
  • Helps regulate female hormones & reduces PMS symptoms.
  • No gain in overall body weight.
  • Safe & effective.
  • Affordable alternative to cosmetic surgery.
  • Confidential shipping.

Total Curve™ Lifting & Firming Gel with Volufiline™:

Total Curve™ Gel also contains some ingredients that help to add volume to the breasts and make them bigger, firmer and beautiful for breat success.

The importance of local massage to improve the organs health is well known and practiced since years by the folk medical practitioners. Topical application of cream penetrates deep into the breast tissues and rejuvenate them to grow better and faster.

The Secret Ingredient:

The main ingredient in Total Curve™ Gel is Volufiline™, which is a trademark product very potential to increase the bust line in a safe way for breast success.

What is Volufiline™?

Volufiline™ is a trademarked ingredient thats made from a combination of a plant extract known as sarsapogenin, which comes from the roots of Anemarrhenae asphodeloides (aka Zhi Mu) and hydrogenated polyisobutene, which is an oil-based excipient.

Sarsasapogenin interacts with fat cells and and triggers them to divide and grow. Hydrogenated polyisobutene increases the amount of fats stored.

Total Curve™ Gel has Volufiline™ as well as Bio-Bustyl. The Volufiline™ increases the production and storage of new fat cells while Bio-Bustyl promotes collagen production to strengthen skin elasticity for breast success (important for firming while your breasts expand).

Total Curve™ Gel is a perfect complement to Total Curve™ Supplement capsules or can be used an alternative for those wanting to avoid expensive and dangerous surgery and wanting breast success.

Feel the sensuality of natural enhancement and improve your confidence by looking and feeling your best.

Let's take a look at the science behind Volufiline™ and analyze how it performed in both laboratory tests and human trial:How Total Curve Gel Works To Give Breast Success

Result Of Lab Test #1

Cells Exposed To 1% Concentration of Volufiline™
Take Up 492% MORE Fat Molecules!

To determine the success of Volufiline™, two laboratory experiments were performed:
In the first experiment, scientists sought to measure the additional amount of fat molecules (lipids) that human cells pick up when exposed to Volufiline™.
A group of cells were isolated, and exposed to 0.5% and 1.0% concentrations of Volufiline™ over a six-day period. The lipids they picked up were stained red.

Volufiline Chart Volufiline Chart Volufiline Chart

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